Subtract error from the equation.  Multiply your productivity and minimize error automatically.

When critical industry processes and concerns require the elimination of FOD and FME problems, the solution is to minimize human error.  Let your Snap-on® ATC handle the control and tracking automatically. By adding Automated Tool Control Solutions, systematic solutions begin to standardize work, improve productivity, control inventory, reduce losses, Control FOD, improve security, implement an audit trail, increase accountability, enable oversight prevention and regulate calibration and maintenance reminders.

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Automated Tool Control

With advanced digital imaging technology and proprietary software, Level 5 Automated Tool Control System® (ATC) scans the tool drawer and records which tools are removed and replaced in real time.  You know where everything is at all times without your techs being slowed down for a second.  The system also knows when tools are broken, allowing you to replace or repair them right away. It’s tool control that works hard to keep your techs working at their best.


As with any tool storage system, safety and security are top priorities. Since it’s completely automated, you can rely on our ATC to tell you when tools are unaccounted for, keeping the equipment you’re working on safe. Plus, our advanced design means worry-free operation. Our ATC batteries have state-of-the art circuit protection to prevent accidental shorts or overheating.


The ATC isn’t just user friendly. Because it also eliminates the potential for any human error during check-in, check-out, and tracking, it meets the highest levels of FOD and FME compliance of any of our automated tool control systems.