Power Generation

Gain the power to keep your team organized, productive, and efficient.

Your team goes to work to work, not to search high and low for the tools they need to get the job done. With the Level 5 Tool Control System, you get total control over your tools. From organization, to advanced security and automation, Level 5 keeps track of your tools for you.  Empower your technicians to focus on the task at hand with Snap-on® custom kitting capabilities.  Whether it’s a kit for repairing gas or steam turbines at a power station, or a set designed to keep your fleet of maintenance vehicles ready to run at a moment’s notice.  We can deliver the right tools for the right job.


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Custom kitting

From one-of-a-kind kits to thousands of identical tool sets, no one does tool kitting like Snap-on.

No matter how big or small the application, Snap-on’s robust, flexible and scalable capabilities enable us to create a versatile range of kitting solutions – from stationary, mobile and transportable sets and much more. We supply kits for everything from servicing copy machines, to maintaining and repairing tanks, helicopters, oil rigs and jumbo jets. Standard or custom, large or small – from our state of the art kitting center, Snap-on does it all.



Snap-on’s True-Crib software is simple, intuitive and easy to operate.  It provides  faster, more accurate check in and out of assets in your tool crib while providing comprehensive analysis, reporting and tracking for your tool crib.  Being able to accurately account for tools, equipment and consumables, at all times, is important in maintaining productivity and ensuring jobs are completed as scheduled.


True-Crib software acts as the brains behind tool control by monitoring tool movements from the time they’re checked out of a tool crib until they are returned.  All this, without the costs of lost tools and equipment.  Saving time and money by not tracking down assets or filling out requests for equipment to be replaced. With our True-Crib software managing assets, you can focus on the task at hand.

Point of Use

You can position our Visual Control Cabinet close to the point of use so your technicians always have the right tools at the ready, letting them get the work done faster without having to make extra trips to the tool room. And with instant accountability and inventory management, you’ll know exactly which tool is where, and who saw it last.


And if your tools are on the move, you need access control that can be right there with them. Our battery powered LockView® boxes are ideal for environments where your tool storage units have to be mobile. It’s one security solution that can go anywhere your tool storage unit goes.


Keeping compliant means keeping your tools out of the wrong hands. By eliminating keys, which can be easily lost or stolen, Snap-on stops tool shrinkage and reduces the downtime caused by missing tools. By increasing the accountability of your techs without impeding tool access for authorized users, we make staying compliant a snap.


Another option is to use our Automated Tool Control. It’s not just user friendly. It eliminates the potential for any human error during check-in, check-out, and tracking, meeting the highest levels of FOD and FME compliance of any of our automated tool control systems.


Sometimes you have to take your tools ‘on the road’ to get the job done. That doesn’t mean you have to throw your tools into a bag and throw organization out the window. Our comprehensive offering of mobile tool solutions, including all-weather mobile tool chests and dog boxes, keep you mobile—and organized.