Advanced Tool and Asset Management

Manage tools and assets for increased readiness and compliance in real time. The Level 5 Tool Control System allows you to standardize work, improve productivity, control inventory, reduce losses, increase accountability and control foreign object damage (FOD). Our advanced system lets you know what is happening across your facility and allows you to take control of key assets. Through observing work, we were able to design a solution to enable customers to bring their asset management and compliance to a new level, while embracing tool control processes and procedures.

Track Your Assets

Track tools and users across your facility for compliance management and increase technician and equipment safety. Alleviate damage to key assets by managing compliance and upgrading human and equipment safety. By enhancing accountability and adding visual reminders and alerts to show and address what is missing facilities are able to avoid foreign object damage (FOD) and foreign material exclusion (FME) concerns. Our continued product innovation assists users with visual and audio cues to identify missing and broken tools, to calibration needs and more increasing safety and alleviating damage to key assets.

Level5 system showcase

Increase Productivity

Level 5 Tool Control System offers five productivity-boosting solutions that deliver organization, visibility, access control, asset management and automation. These solutions improve every aspect of tool management, and it works with your crew, never against them, to decrease downtime and improve productivity. That way everyone can concentrate on what matters most, the job at hand. Level 5 offers tool and asset management solutions from more basic to very sophisticated control solutions.

Deploy Point of Use Solutions

Mobile tool control solutions ensure you have the right tools at the point of use. Our mobile all-weather tool chests are the most durable, versatile and functional chests in its category undergoing rigorous environmental testing with withstand even the harshest environments. VCC, ATC toolboxes and lockers, dogboxes and more can easily be used in a hangar or on the shop floor providing you the best solutions where technicians need them the most.

Expand Available Footprint

Increase available footprint with tool control solutions for multiple users. Tool control at the point of use ensures you have the right tools at the ready that can be controlled and accessed by multiple users. By reducing the number of tool storage units needed, facilities can increase their available footprint and boost productivity across the organization.