Custom Engineered Solutions

We configure tool and asset management solutions that accommodate your workflows and tool control processes. We understand not all customers require the same solutions. Customer requirements, whether it’s a desire for mobility, point-of-use efficiencies, compliance requirements, improved reporting, custom workflow configurations and increased safety help guide us in engineering the next generation of Level5 Tools Control Solutions. Our experience in industry and connecting with customers is critical in our engineering processes, giving you the power to harness the custom solutions developed to fit your operation.

Tool Control Experts

Leverage industry and tool control experts for best practices and insight. The Level 5 Tool Control system delivers the highest level of tool control and safety. Our Level 5 experts provide industry and application insight to create long-term partnerships with each customer. Their tool control expertise helps guide an approach to optimize our customer’s approach to managing assets from set-up to system training and process improvements.

Tool Control Solutions

Work with our experts to design optimal solutions for specific workflows and environments. With a broad range of options, we are able to configure custom solutions that work specifically for your facility. We use CAD designs to develop preferred foam layouts for your tool storage units which allows technicians to work quickly and efficiently. Whether your facility needs foamed-out tool sets, mobile tool control solutions, “talking” ATC boxes and lockers, or modular tool storage, our experts work with you to develop a custom solution that works for you.

Design Optimal Solutions

Design optimal solutions for your specific workflows and environments. Managing assets in real-time can be a game changer and having the ability to build in custom workflows helps truly increase a facility’s productivity. We understand not all environments are the same and being able to provide the flexibility to build custom reports, implement status monitoring and notifications and schedule reports can significantly improve the user experience, performance and time management.

Match Your Workflow

Managing assets in real time can be a game changer, and having the ability to build custom workflows helps truly increase a facility’s productivity. We understand not all environments are the same, and the L5 Connect software allows you to consistently apply your own tool control policies and processes across all points of use. Manage your assets seamlessly by building custom alerts, reports, and dashboards, do maintenance checks and grant user permissions, check tool statuses, and much more with this unparalleled configurable system.