Selected and organized for your crew’s distinct need for speed.

The more organized you are, the easier it is to get the job done right. Starting with a complete tool audit conducted by a Snap-on Solutioneer, we’ll help you determine the level of tool control requirements you need, from roll cabinets to carts. We can add a specialized tool set, designed with your specific applications in mind.  Implementing proper tool control can improve productivity, control inventory, reduce losses and standardize work.

Custom kitting

From one-of-a-kind kits to thousands of identical tool sets, no one does tool kitting like Snap-on.

No matter how big or small the application, Snap-on’s robust, flexible and scalable capabilities enable us to create a versatile range of kitting solutions – from stationary, mobile and transportable sets and much more. We supply kits for everything from servicing copy machines, to maintaining and repairing tanks, helicopters, oil rigs and jumbo jets. Standard or custom, large or small – from our state of the art kitting center, Snap-on does it all.

Tool Storage

Selected and organized for your crew’s distinct need for speed.


Proper organization allows your team to find what they are looking for, while keeping tools safe. Snap-on can provide a complete tool audit to help you determine the best tool storage product to meet your needs. We even offer mobile solutions – allowing you to take your tools where you need them.



Sometimes you have to take your tools ‘on the road’ to get the job done. That doesn’t mean you have to throw your tools into a bag and throw organization out the window. Our comprehensive offering of mobile tool solutions, including all-weather mobile tool chests and dog boxes, keep you mobile—and organized.