Access Control

Keep your tools secure, organized and in the hands of the technicians who need them.

Don’t get locked in to using keys that can be lost or shared. Our tool storage units have Keyless Access Control, which means your teams have access to just the tools they need.  Our proprietary software manages tool storage unit access at the individual user level, allowing either stand-alone or networked control.



Access Control is all about security. That means giving you the access you need, in all the ways you need it, including granting access by time, user and date. Our system automatically notes who opened the box, and for how long. It even records any unauthorized attempts to access the tool storage unit. And with keyless administrative access, you never have to worry about locking yourself out from a day’s work.

Alpha Box

Alpha Box™ is a proven tool control solution that delivers access control with upgrade potential. Each box features keyless entry with employee badges for convenience, safety and security. The CAD-developed tool control foam in each drawer provides superior organization and secure tool control management.


Keeping industry compliant means keeping your tools out of the wrong hands. By eliminating keys, which can be easily lost or stolen, Snap-on stops tool shrinkage and reduces the downtime caused by missing tools. By increasing the accountability of your techs without impeding tool access for authorized users, we make staying compliant a snap.