Powered by One of a Kind Technology

We don’t use technology for its own sake; we use it to solve the daily challenges our customers face. Whether you want to reduce FOD, address FME concerns, or make your operation more productive, keeping track of your tools and assets is critical. Our Level 5 Tool Control System is powered by one-of-a-kind technology, allowing you to gain real-time insight while moving at the speed of work.

Single Interface

Control tools and assets across your facility via a single interface. New L5 Connect software puts you in control of key assets across your facility. It is designed to enable asset management and compliance, while embracing tool control processes and procedures. Know what is happening across your facility in real-time, from ATC toolboxes, ATC lockers and crib management software.

Proprietary Technology

Gain access to industry leading and patented technologies that eliminate disruptions to work. Our ATC boxes use advanced digital imaging technology and automatically keep track of its inventory by user and records which tools are removed and replaced, while no individual scanning is required. ATC lockers track bulky or irregularly shaped tools and equipment via advanced RFID technology.

Addressing Complexity

We know there is a lot more to managing your assets beyond keeping them organized. Easily track tools that require serialization, calibration, and repair with ZoomID. Leverage L5 Connect software to automate tracking and alerts for calibrated tools or tools that need repair or replacement.

Intuitive User Experience

Achieve higher productivity with intuitive user experience with visual and audio cues. Quickly and easily visually identify ATC toolbox or locker status with FastFlag from a distance. Audio cues reinforce user activity once the drawer is closed such as tools issued or being placed in the wrong drawer location reducing the risk of lost or misplaced tools. We make our ATCs and software easy to operate so that you can focus on the job at hand.