Optimized Facility Performance

When your facility is operating at peak performance you are able to leverage insights to enhance productivity via optimized processes. By leveraging the data that Level 5 collects you can enhance your facility’s productivity. We designed Level 5 to operate at the speed of work, keeping technician’s performing while instantly managing tools and assets for increased readiness and compliance.

Understand Asset Usage

Understand asset usage and inventory gaps to enhance your Lean journey. Maximize your facility’s performance using flexible reporting to analyze tool and asset usage trends. Real-time inventory visibility enables the user to identify any gaps with current processes promptly, allows analysis of frequently broken tools to address proper usage, and implements safety training as needed.

Strengthen Performance

Strengthen performance via powerful, flexible operational insights. Utilize flexible real-time dashboards to quickly control inventory, reduce losses and dramatically improve security and accountability. Have the forensic capability to understand tool history and view standard and customized reports to boost your operation through knowledgeable insights. Leverage API connections to integrate with your systems with robust security in mind seamlessly.

Access to Experts

Continually tune operational performance through direct access to industry experts and best practices. Get the most out of Level 5 with after-sales service and training, from connecting toolboxes, lockers, and tool cribs with seamless integration capabilities to product upgrades and more. Our experts work with you throughout the process to ensure operational excellence with Snap-on Level 5 Tool Control System.