When your crew sees the tools they need, you’ll see output improve.

Finding the right tool for the job can take time—even more so if they’re hard to see. But by increasing tool visibility, we decrease the time it takes for your technicians to find the tool they need and make it easier for stray tools to be noticed and returned. Our selection of high-visibility tool handles, custom color foam inserts, toolbox organizers, and pegboards don’t just raise the visibility of your tools, they raise the productivity of your team.

Point of Use

You can position our Visual Control Cabinet close to the point of use so your technicians always have the right tools at the ready, letting them get the work done faster without having to make extra trips to the tool room. And with instant accountability and inventory management, you’ll know exactly which tool is where, and who saw it last.


When things are easy to see, problems are easier to notice. Our Visual Control Cabinets are equipped with Makrolon AR Polycarbonate windows (the same material used in jet fighter cockpits) for “at-a-glance” tool management that doesn’t compromise security. It also keeps the tool chest high, reducing the need to bend and stretch for tools, creating ergonomic working environment.


Plus, we offer tools in a variety of colors, and have a wide range of high-contrast foam to accommodate easier visual inspection. And if your tools need to stand out, our high-visibility handle colors make work in dark spaces visually easier.


Oil & Gas – On offshore platforms, each level is given a unique color of Teflon coated tools to help differentiate the tools of one level from the tools of another, ensuring the right tools are used for the job and maximizing productivity.


Aviation – Foreign Object Debris costs the aerospace industry millions of dollars a year in damage to equipment and personnel. Using a Visual Control Cabinet or Storage Cage makes it easy to eliminate FOD. After maintenance, technicians can ensure that every tool is accounted for with a simple visual inspection.