Oil & Gas

Your Guys work on well-oiled machines all day. It’s nice when they run like one.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re maintaining a gas turbine or drilling a rig, when a tool goes missing, so can hours of productivity. That’s where Level 5 comes in. With the Level 5 Tool Control System, you get total control over your tools. From organization, to advanced security, to automation, it keeps track of your tools for you, preventing small oversights from turning into big problems. And with Snap-on’s specialized tool solutions for the Oil & Gas industries, like color-coated tools, you’re not just getting organized, you’re getting a partner with a deep knowledge of the demands of your industry.


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If your tools are safe, your team is safe. We offer a wide variety of tool security solutions, including one that gives you the ability to lock your toolbox with a remote control: the Snap-on Ecko Remote Locking System. Depending on the security solution you choose, you can also grant access to your tools by time, user and date. And with keyless administrative access, you never have to worry about locking yourself out from a day’s work.


Plus, we offer tools in a variety of colors, and have a wide range of high-contrast foam to accommodate easier visual inspection. And our high-visibility handle colors make work in dark spaces visually easier.

Tool crib

When it comes to fast, cost-effective asset management, our TCMAX® software speaks for itself. Because it literally talks. Which means your technicians can focus on the job, and not on the computer, when they’re checking tools in and out. Plus, with our secure barcoding system, you can identify, track, and control every tool, instrument and piece of equipment in your inventory. It also keeps track of tools that need calibration, helping you plan ahead so you can always have properly calibrated equipment on hand. TCMAX® even has real-time physical inventory capabilities to drive FME requirements and practices.


All this, without the costs of lost tools and equipment, or the lost time it takes to track things down or fill out requests for equipment to be replaced. With our tool crib management solutions easing your worries, you can focus on the task at hand.


Sometimes you have to take your tools ‘on the road’ to get the job done. That doesn’t mean you have to throw your tools into a bag and throw organization out the window. Our comprehensive offering of mobile tool solutions, including all-weather mobile tool chests and dog boxes, keep you mobile—and organized.